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Chocolate wineeeeeee!

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i am my husband's wife.....

so i went to design sponge for some inspiration on DIY interior design. i clicked on the interior design category and scrolled down, and my eyes when straight to this.....

granted (haha) was out of place but still. I immediately clicked on the thumbnail to see what kind of bike it was. My guess was a BSA, Josh replied "ha! i knew I married you for a reason. it could be a bsa, but i think its an old ducati. it's beautiful."

After our t-storm ride. Blowing up that spot!

Josh picked ALL OF IT! Excited to get the room all together....paint, bed frame, picture frames..the whole nine!

Friday, June 11, 2010

no blog posts

so i just noticed that after about 2 months of sending pictures from times to time, when i remembered, that NONE of them were ever posted. I blame new phone, but dont know why. its weird that the new more equipped phone could not do its job and post when requested to post. i have tried, almost everything, but to no avail. i just want to get back to it....julia has been on her A game for reals!!!