Friday, February 11, 2011

bringing it back....eljay styley

i have been very hyper/happy lately and i just wanna old schooly post it.

at work currently and have only done the bare minimum: made a few phone calls, made a work order, put a bedbug in a plastic bag, brought some boxes in, turned the heat up, pulled a fax of of the machine and filed it, wrote out a progress note that probably wont be added until 6 months from now, doctored a wound on a kid, and let him in his apartment.

non-work related things: pandora, lunch, blogger lurking, fb, scrabble, yahoo mail, printed livingsocial boot camp receipt, fb, text convos with heidi, kendall, emily t, twinsay, truly, kristin, and pukey, juju, read random posts from dj and lj's past, baby pepsi (i know, i know. coke rules all, but pepsi is all there was) pooped (times two...good day for those apparently) aaaannnnd watched last night's office and last week's cougar town.

rolodecks tonight. stoked. 

solo weekend. i should write a list of all the things i want to do so i will do them. cleaning to florence and the machine is a must. i need to go see a movie alone for once in my life. i need to make valentines for the ones i love but have been really slack on presents and presentation of such items lately eyedekaywhy.

baby zini on sunday...finally! 

okay okay enough blabbering im gonna get back to work.....hahahahahahahahah

The office. At the office.

Boooooom! FACE!!! I also watched Cougar Town!!! Happyyyyy Friday!

Lone wolf

Didnt know it was on b and w, but im glad it was. So poetic!