Thursday, November 18, 2010

i wanna be like ju...

old picture of me and my dad, duh...watching tv, double duh! i miss seeing my dad all the time, and i and miss being little sans responsibility. i could probably still lay on him like this, but he might not like it so much. also, i am going to ask him for this shirt when i go home for thanksgiving because it looks like the softest shirt in the world.

wanted to post this, and put it up as my header because i am just THAT cute. haha. Copy cat McGat..childhood picture header that is. this is TRULY ;) MAAAGICAL! i think i have found a whole new twist to this blog. THINGS THAT ARE MAGICAL!!! Not that everything isn't MAGICAL in some way but really naming it as magical and perhaps diving more into why *said thing is so magical, to me. BOOM!